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Individual about which a story is written.

Individual responsible for initiating a story. Most amount of time and energy invested. A sponsor becomes the facilitator when writing about a family member or friend. The sponsor can also write a story about their own life story, not only the life story of another.


Purchaser or gifter of books about an individual for which a story has already been created. Most likely family and friends of a Sponsor or the Subject.


Part of the BiographyNOW family and our very own talented pool of dedicated story writers. They interview each sponsor and will write the Biography from start to finish.


Part of the BiographyNOW family, they research history, interesting facts and help project manage each biography from a historical context.


Individual responsible for scanning legacy media (old paper photo’s, slides and negatives) and uploading digital images to the sponsor’s light box.


Individual responsible for compiling text narrative from the Biographer and images from the Scanner into a Sponsor selected standardized layout.

Interview Booking Tool:

We make it easy for a sponsor to select a suitable time for connecting with their dedicated Biographer. Sponsors are able to select (3) interview time slots that best suit their busy lifestyle. BiographyNOW will select (1) of the (3) time slots to complete our quick interview process.

Collaboration Tool:

Invite family and friends to participate by sending them (1) question which they can answer about the subject of the story. In addition they are able to upload (3) photos to be included in the final book. The sponsor has the option to include or exclude responses as and when the question returns an answer from selected family members and friends.

Photo Upload and Caption Tool:

The sponsor may choose to include up to 50 photos for each story. If already in digital format, these can be uploaded and/or a sponsor has the option to send us in legacy materials (old paper photo’s, negatives or slides) to be scanned by our internal professional scanning team. Our team then uploads all digitized images to the sponsor’s account where they are able to caption each image with a relative date, or event in the subjects life.

Approval/Editing Tool:

On completion of the first draft, the sponsor is able to suggest edits to copy, headlines and images - or they can approve immediately. Edits are then completed by our design team and returned to the BiographyNOW platform for easy approval.